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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Testing & Treatment Bangalore – Embrace Fertility
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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Testing & Treatment Bangalore

Embrace Fertility  >  Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Testing & Treatment Bangalore

About : Embryo Freezing Hospital in Bangalore

Conventional IVF treatment protocols often result in more than three eggs being collected during a cycle; resulting in excess embryos. Embryo Freezing provides couples the option of having excess embryos frozen, to be used in future cycles. There are many advantages of freezing embryos like reducing the risk of multiple pregnancies as we transfer fewer embryos in the fresh cycle and cryopreserve supernumerary embryos. We increase the cumulative pregnancy rate by using cryopreserved embryos in thaw cycles. Cryopreservation cycles do not require ovarian stimulation and ovum pick up, the treatment is therefore significantly cheaper. Patients at risk of developing Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS), can have the option of cryopreserving all embryos & prevent OHSS.

About : Embryo Freezing Hospital in Bangalore

1. Controlled slow-rate cooling protocol in which lesser concentration of cryoprotectant is used & cooling is performed at a very slow-rate. Using this protocol Cryopreservation of 2PN, Day 2 & Day 3 embryos can be done.

2. Ultra-rapid flash freezing protocol called Vitrification in which a very high concentration of cryoprotectants is used & embryos are plunged directly into the liquid nitrogen. Using this protocol Cryopreservation of 2PN, Day 2, Day 3 embryos as well as Cryopreservation of Blastocysts & Oocytes can be done.

Embryologists at Embrace Fertility Centre are used to both slow & rapid freezing methods. However, we are now only using Vitrification for our in-house freezing.

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Can poor quality sperm cause miscarriage?

Sperm DNA can be damaged during sperm production and transport. This damage is known as DNA fragmentation. High levels of sperm DNA fragmentation have been shown to double the likelihood of a miscarriage occurring

How can I prevent recurrent miscarriages?

Be sure to take at least 400 mg of folic acid every day, beginning at least one to two months before conception, if possible, Exercise regularly, Eat healthy, well-balanced meals, Manage stress, Keep your weight within normal limits.

Is recurrent miscarriage considered infertility?

Approximately two out of every 10 pregnancies may result in a miscarriage. Therefore, after having one miscarriage, most women go on to have a healthy pregnancy. Women are considered to have recurrent pregnancy loss when they have two or three miscarriages in a row.

What is the treatment for recurrent miscarriage?

There are many possible causes for recurrent miscarriage, including genetic and hormonal problems; infection and thrombophilic (blood-clotting) defects; uterine problems and cervical weakness. Unfortunately, even after investigation, it’s not always possible for doctors to identify the cause for recurrent miscarriage.

Embryo Freezing Clinic and Review

The doctors and nurses are very helpful here and everybody is so cooperative

- Nehan Karanch

Dr.Rizwana is the best doctor I received good treatment for infertility and conceived in the 1st month itself.

- Masiha Khanum

Doctor is friendly with d patient were they have a deep explaination I loved it good there is no words to tell

- Neha khan

Embryo Freezing Treatment Clinic in Bangalore

Semen Freezing Semen Freezing is advised when the husband is not available at the time of infertility treatment [staying abroad or traveling]. As a back up when the husband is worried that he may not be able to produce a semen sample on a required day due to anxiety/stress. Semen freezing is also recommended for men suffering from malignancies prior to their exposure to chemotherapy or radiation both of which may likely affect sperm production.

Oocyte Freezing It offers women with cancer the chance to preserve their Oocytes prior to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Women undergoing treatment with assisted reproductive technologies, who do not consider embryo freezing an option, can rather freeze their oocytes for future use as a future ability to have children. Women with a family history of early menopause have an interest in oocyte cryopreservation.

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