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Ovulation Induction Treatment Bangalore – Embrace Fertility
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Ovulation Induction Treatment Bangalore

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About : Ovulation Induction Treatment Hospital, Bangalore

Ovulation induction is the stimulation of the ovaries to produce multiple follicles, each containing an egg. Ovarian stimulation involves the use of fertility medications that promote the simultaneous maturation of multiple follicles. During the ovarian stimulation stage, the woman’s progress is monitored with hormone testing and ultrasound.

Ovulation inducing agents are either in pill form (Clomiphene Citrate) or injectable form (Gonadotropins). A Fertility Specialist also is known as a Reproductive Endocrinologist prescribes such medication. They are usually given by self-injection. The Fertility Specialist might recommend an adjunctive therapy when using gonadotropins, such as ovarian “down-regulation” with a drug called Lupron to get a better response from the ovaries.

If a patient is using daily injections of gonadotropin for ovulation induction, she needs frequent monitoring with vaginal ultrasound. A nurse coordinator assigns a date for a vaginal ultrasound and blood test around the time the period starts. In a typical stimulation protocol, daily injections of human gonadotropins are started after the menstrual period. These medications are concentrated forms of the natural hormones, which stimulate ovulation in a normal menstrual cycle.

The day gonadotropins begin is stimulation day 1 or “stim day 1” regardless of when it occurs after the period. The follicles are egg-containing areas inside the ovary. There are hundreds of thousands of follicles in each ovary, but during any one stimulation cycle, only a few will accumulate fluid and grow large enough to appear on an ultrasound exam. Only the large follicles hold mature eggs. Each follicle usually contains one egg surrounded by granulosa cells. Granulosa cells surround the egg, produce the follicular fluid, produce estrogen, and support the egg in its development.

Gonadotropins cause several follicles to enlarge at once. The number can vary from one or two to 30 in some women. Women who are very sensitive to the medication need only a small amount of gonadotropins, while those who are resistant require more. When ultrasound examination and estrogen levels suggest that the follicles are large enough and the eggs are mature, the patient will be advised to stop gonadotropins and take one dose of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). hCG prepares the eggs for ovulation and fertilization. Egg retrieval is performed at about 36 hours after hCG since ovulation normally begins about 40 hours after the hCG injection. The timing of hCG is critical, so it must be taken at the exact time you are instructed to take it.

Vitrification & Frozen Embryo Transfer

At Embrace Fertility Centre, we cryopreserve all our embryos & oocytes by Vitrification method only. This is because Vitrification offers improved survival rate of the embryos as well as oocytes as compared to the classical slow freezing method. This results in better rates of implantation & pregnancy.

Similar Treatments

What is the procedure for frozen embryo transfer?

During the procedure a catheter is inserted through the cervix and the embryos are placed into the uterus. The frozen embryo transfer usually takes about 15 minutes. The success rate of frozen embryo transfer is almost as successful as standard In vitro fertilization (IVF).

Do frozen embryos take longer to implant?

Unlike fresh embryos, which usually implant within one or two days after a blastocyst transfer, frozen embryos take a little longer to the implant.

Is Frozen Embryo Transfer better than fresh?

For many years, the prevailing wisdom in assisted reproductive technology (ART) has been that fresh embryo transfers are more successful than frozen embryo transfers (FETs), when FETs are thawed and transferred to a woman’s uterus.

How successful are frozen embryo transfers?

Any patient, no matter the amount of time between embryo freezing and thawing, can expect nearly the same potential for success as they experienced with the fresh IVF cycle that the frozen embryos came from.

Embryo Transfer Clinic and Review

The doctors and nurses are very helpful here and everybody is so cooperative

- Nehan Karanch

Dr.Rizwana is the best doctor I received good treatment for infertility and conceived in the 1st month itself.

- Masiha Khanum

Doctor is friendly with d patient were they have a deep explaination I loved it good there is no words to tell

- Neha khan

Frozen Embryo Transfer Clinic in Bangalore

When planning a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), the endometrium of the uterus is prepared through oral medication. The frozen embryos are thawed the day before the planned embryo transfer or on the same day depending on whether it is a Day 3 Embryo or Day 5 Embryo. We also perform Laser-Assisted Hatching on thawed embryos just prior to embryo transfer to increase the Implantation Rate.

Tips And Update For Fertility Issues

Embrace Fertility in Bangalore research the information on a daily basis. Based on our expert & experiments we suggest the following for you

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